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The Most Common Roofing Scams

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roofing scams

A roofing project on your home can cost you around $10,000-$30,000 depending on the size of home that you have. The project can take time and money and the amount you spend on a roofing project is a huge amount of money. Make sure that every time you do this project you get the assurance that you will be given a service with the best value for your money. Although there are instances that contractors and non-contractors will try to rip you off with this kind of service. This article will enumerate common roofing scams today.

1. Contractors who demand for a low bidding price and then when construction time comes they demand for excessive amounts of money in order for the project to be finished.

You’ve probably heard of this too good to be true bidding for roofing projects and when it’s an emergency, we often jump right in for the cheapest buy. This kind of scam is actually rampant among roofing projects, wherein contractor would take advantage of emergency cases and rip you off by trying to sell the project at a low rate and then making more monetary demands when “sudden” difficulties to finish the project arises.

2. Contractors who take down payments and run.

Do not be fooled by roofing contractors who come door to door in your neighbourhood to offer consulting services for your roofing project. They often come with great marketing officers who can talk you out into paying the down payments. There are actually scammers out there who are not really contractors but conduct these free consultation in order for them to merely take the money and run.

3. Improper or Inadequate Repairs

This particular is often difficult to catch since they usually do their work in camouflage, you will only discover the problem when the contractor is long gone and has gotten away with giving you inadequate roofing that will create problems in the future. If you recently got your roofing fixed and you’re surprised by the drips in your place every time it rains, then you’ve been scammed by inadequate roofing contractors, make sure you double check each work before they finish the project.

4. Calamity opportunists

These scammers often come to you after a calamity, like a storm, earthquake, tornado and etcetera. They often take advantage of the recent calamity and your desperation to get everything fixed, only to find out that the people who came to you were not actually roofing contractors but calamity opportunists who use your vulnerability into signing contracts for a roofing projects and in the end they won’t hold up to their side of the bargain.

There are a lot of roofing scammers out there. One way of avoiding this is by hiring professionals who are licensed and trusted, research on the contractor before availing their service and compare prices before hiring your contractor. Don’t let desperation cloud your judgements because roofing scammers will take advantage of it.


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The Best Roofing Materials to Use in Florida

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Florida is known for its fair weather experienced though out most of the year. However Florida has in the past experienced the Hurricane season that runs from June to November. The most recent one was hurricane Hermine that hit Florida for the first time in 10 years on September third 2016. Florida also experiences mild winters contrary to other parts of the United States, making a favorite tourists destination. This allows the residents of the state of Florida to have a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from asphalt composition shingles and tile to metal roofing, wood shakes, and slate.

However the sun and heat the roof is exposed to can be quite intense, this makes it necessary to make an informed decision before settling on a roof of choice. Let’s look at the various types of roofing materials for Florida and the pros and cons that come with it.

1. Asphalt Composition shingles: These are the typical types of roofing materials that are affordable and can be found in local stores like Sun coat roofers supply. Although Florida doesn’t always get hit by Hurricanes, strong winds that are experienced during in the county can easily blow off the composition shingles. The hot weather can also scar the clean looking shingles making them fade in time.

2. Clay Tile: The clay tile is a very popular roofing material around the world. It complements home designs by giving them a stylish finish. It has a long life span and is very resistant to insects, fire and withering. It may require some cleaning but it has a very long life span for it to fade or loose color. However the Clay tile is expensive making it out of reach for most home owners. It is also heavy and requires extra roofing support in the form of wood paneling making it even more expensive. It is also brittle can easily break if stepped on.

3. Concrete Tile: Concrete tiles are a new entrant into the market and are the modern way of roofing. Concrete tiles became popular in the last few years widely replacing clay tiles due to their light weight and maintaining the same look and feel of Clay tiles. Concrete tiles can be molded to various shapes and sizes to complement various building finishing styles. However they are expensive and have the tendency to loose colour once they are exposed to elements for a period of time. Concrete tiles are also prone to breaking once stepped upon.

4. Metal Roofs: Technology has allowed buildings to be constructed entirely of steel. This has also brought in roofing materials made from steel. In the yester years roofs were made from copper, lead and zinc but steel has proved to be more durable making it the preferred option. Steel roofing can be shaped to various shapes and sizes and can be made to resemble asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and even wood shakes. Steeling roofing is durable and be galvanized with zinc to make them last even longer. Steel roofing is also maintenance free. Steel roofing reflects sunlight away from the homes in turn helping in cooling down houses during summer. However steel usually rusts away over the years and may need replacing further raising the maintenance coast.

5. Wood Shakes: Wood shakes are made from various types’ wood including pine, cypress, cedar and redwood trees. They are made from splitting logs and then reshaping them for commercial use. Wood shakes are naturally very attractive. As they age they develop an attractive grayish silver tone. Depending on the type of wood e.g. Cedar, the wood shake can last for a very long time sometimes even longer that fifteen years. This is unlike other forms of roofing that we have looked at above. They are also resistant to strong winds and various types of severe storms. Wood generally is an insulator allowing the home owner to save on costs that could have otherwise been incurred on cooling and heating the home. Companies that deal with wood shingles have a corporate social responsibility to plant trees whenever they cut down others for this purpose to ensure conservation of the environment.

Next time you go shopping for a roof in Florida’s local stores, make an informed decision that shall meet your expectations and make you a happy home owner.

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What to Look for When Buying a Cheap Blow Up Spa

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cheap blow up spa

If you love visiting a spa center whenever you need to relax and unwind, then you should consider buying yourself a blow up spa. These types of spas provide a convenient and affordable way for you to enjoy a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of your own home. They are quickly gaining popularity because of their affordability, portability and ease of set up and storage. They also come in a wide range of prices and features, so getting one within your budget shouldn’t be a problem. To ensure you end up with the best product for your needs, here’s what to look for when buying a cheap blow up spa:


Size is a very important consideration when buying a cheap blow up spa because it determines the number of people that can use it at once, as well as whether it will fit properly in the available space you have at home. So, choose the right size with these factors in mind. One of the best things about these types of spas is that they can be placed anywhere outdoors or indoors, as long as the surface is flat and strong enough to support their weight when filled with water.

Construction Material

Even if you’re buying a cheap spa, you still need to ensure that the construction material is durable enough to serve you for some years to come. Most of them are made largely from vinyl, faux leather and other synthetic materials, which are not as tough as glass fiber, wood or porcelain used in making permanent spas. However, they are robust enough to accommodate the weight of the water plus the recommended number of people.


Also make sure that the spa you’re buying is backed by a decent warranty. Should anything go wrong, a warranty will protect you from making unnecessary repairs or replacements. Be sure you know exactly what is covered in the warranty to avoid last minute disappointments or surprises.

Top Cover

Most cheap and basic spas do not come with many added features. However, if you can find one with a top lid or cover, that would be great. Covers are very important since they help to keep out debris from the spa. So if a top is not provided, make arrangements to buy one separately.

Number Of Jets

Depending on your personal preference, you can either choose a blow up spa with a handful of jets to offer mild turbulence in your water, or many jets to provide you with full massaging benefits.

Heating System and Heat Retention

Always go for a spa with a reliable and efficient heating system that kicks in immediately you power it and put it on. In addition, the product you choose should also be capable of retaining heat for a reasonable amount of time. A spa with a top cover and thermal ground cloth retains heat much better than that without these features.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Lastly, ensure that the material of the spa you buy is hard to stain and easy to clean. You also need to keep way pointed surfaces and sharp objects from your spa, as they will prick and puncture it very easily. If you take proper care of your spa, it will last longer to serve you for a very long time.

Bear these important features in mind the next time you go shopping to help you find an affordable and reliable blow up spa where you can relax and unwind anytime you want.

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Double Glazing: The Benefits

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new house with double glazing

Also known as protected glazing, double-glazing is the process where doorways and windows are created from panes of glass with a level of gas closed between them to form a layer of insulation. In cheap glazed units, the opening could be full of ordinary atmosphere, but in more efficient models gases for example Xenon and Argon are utilised to supply extraordinary functionality. The sealed device was made to reduce heat and sound transmission, causing more benefits than conventional glass models. A number of the most popular benefits of double-glazing contain:


Double glazed windows protect your house against extreme temperatures by maintaining the heat out in summer and maintaining a higher percent of light during winter. This removes the need for cooling and heating systems-which which are generally not nice to numerous people on account of dirt and sound annoyances.


Condensation occurs when warm-air cools right down to form wet which accumulates on glass items to to make a significant quantity of water that can damage structures. When a window or door h AS single glazing, the awesome temperatures on the exterior are easily utilised in the interior and when this happens, the wetness may trickle-down and ruin wood window casings, walls or act as breeding-ground for mould.

The inert-gas found in double-glazed units removes this difficulty through making sure that the inside glass is kept at room temperature to stop wetness formation.


Double glazing is produced from glass mixes that restrict the transmission of ultraviolet rays to the space, reducing the probability of the sunlight harmful furniture, pictures and other items within your house. When a tinted-glass is utilised on the outside of the doorway or window, the transmission is further eliminated by nearly completely.


Glass units give a-channel for noise to permeate into properties, and this could affect relaxation, concentration and efficiency of people located in a large populated area or near a busy road. Hard units bring soundproofing abilities which provide additional insulation against outside noise producing a calmer, quieter environment. It also reduces the noise levels in your property, which means you may not have to be concerned about disturbing your neighbours.


For their tight-sealing, double glazed units are harder to break than single glass models. Even when damaged the pieces remain in place protecting your home from intruders. Security might be increased with the use of toughened or laminated glass substance.


Double-glazing increases the lifespan of doors and windows, and because there is less demand for heating systems, energy consumption is considerably reduced, resulting in less power usage. The models also contribute to a decrease in greenhouse emissions, improving the power evaluation evaluation in your residence.


Double glazing units boost the re sale value of older houses. Most buyers favour homes that are economically protected and scarcely go for those with solitary glass models.

Double glazed units are available in numerous substances and home-owners make selections depending on budget constraints and the way much maintenance is demanded. The many ordinary window frame for such units is uPVC, which will be not only cheaper than conventional wooden frames but additionally durable, recyclable and simple to wash.

This is a guest post from FAB Systems Ltd, who are double glazing installers in Stoke on Trent.

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Wall Panelling – Good for Home Improvement?

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wall panelling

How do you quickly enhance your house at minimal costs? Exactly what is a cheap and quick method for house improvement? Paneling. Paneling is among the more affordable approaches for enhancing houses. Paneling might not be dependable as some stuff for house improvement, but for the most part, you could utilise the panel to hide faulty areas of the house. Paneling is durable, easy to wash and comes in wide range of prices, colours, textures and designs. It’s forever best to have the proper tools and materials, as well as the designs before beginning a house improvement course chosen.

Thus, considering panel may need reconsidering specially in case you do not know your choices. Dry walling can be time intensive and stirs up a dirty setting, while tiling walls is less sensational. Wallpaper is not less of a headache than anything else is, but in the event you get the self adhesive paper, it’s not as problematic.

Panel is inexpensive; however, whether it stands through all kinds of weather how the paneling is installed and depends upon the type of paneling purchased. Quite a few do-it-yourself tasks which comprises removing stains, mildew, peeling paint, caulk, in addition to other filtering litters might have to be completed before repairing the house with all the panel.

If your walls are lumpy or else scores come in the area you’ll require scrapers, plaster, knife, spackle, cloth, sandpaper, and paint to repair the issue, particularly if you are repairing or remodelling tiles, drywall, or vinyl walls. Almost instantaneously, when you have the proper tools and stuff, you can begin the modus operandi remove stains, or else to repair the dents, cracks and holes. You’ll particularly need the patches that are included with plastering kits to repair large holes in the wall space. When paneling the walls in the house for betterment, so, some of these tools and materials are desired.

Some people actually panel walls to cover cracks, dents, and holes. A person could even decide to panel the walls to cover paint that is peeling, or rusty paints. The concept will be to get the task around with while conserving cash and ignoring the real problem behind the wall. If this works for you so be it, but you should contemplate…

Panel can bring the equity of your property down. Lenders base the equity value of a house on its interior and exterior makeup, and factor in loans. If your house is not built on rock, hence the lender will drop the amount of loan giving to the borrower. Thus, you might want to reconsider paneling the walls, particularly if the equity of your property is raising.

Few rooms are better off without panel regardless of the objectives, while other rooms in a house are better off with paneling. Some people prefer the decorative paneling as wainscoting for family room or their dining known. This paneling kind covers the lower 3 or 4 feet of an interior wall. The bath places are appealing when wood, paint, and tile setoff the region. If you make a choice to wall covering your bath, then contemplate covering the walls. Tile is used in lots of houses on walls and floors, consequently the tiles are durable and certainly will stand up through most storms.

If you already have panelled walls and wish to rekindle the regions, of filled with holes, instead of going to the lengths of buying all new materials since specific parts of the panelled wall is cracked, dented consider restoring your walls. Restoring paneling takes time little effort, and costs less than paneling the entire wall. You might want to paint the panel to provide a new look to it.

You’ll require caulk gun, nail set, a putty knife, flat pry bar, framing square, rubber mallet, hammer, carpentry knife, a chisel as well as a wallboard knife for restoring the panel. You’ll also want finishing nails, wood fillers, putty stick, replacement paneling, panel adhesive, spray paint, nails, finishing nails, and shims to complete your mission. If you choose on replacement paneling, look for a match by running a check on the manufacturer from when the paneling might have already been procured. You might get lucky and find fitting paneling.

It is obviously wise to have everything you need when enhancing houses. Having all the right tools and materials can help you save hassle. Available today, paneling is one the more affordable ideas for house improving, yet the panel is not tough like many other substances.

Hence, tiles tend to provide endurance over most materials with exclusions of vinyl. Therefore, when enhancing your house, consider all aspects, including price, challenge, equity, etc. to determine what’s appropriate for you. Although paneling will function as the easiest and most economical thing to do for house improvement, it could be the most costly when it comes to your own house equity. Remember, most stuff and tools are affordable, hence picking the best selection is obviously right when enhancing houses.

This guest post was provided by a plastering company in Stoke-on-Trent. Check them out – http://www.plasterersinstokeontrent.com

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