The Most Common Roofing Scams

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roofing scams

A roofing project on your home can cost you around $10,000-$30,000 depending on the size of home that you have. The project can take time and money and the amount you spend on a roofing project is a huge amount of money. Make sure that every time you do this project you get the assurance that you will be given a service with the best value for your money. Although there are instances that contractors and non-contractors will try to rip you off with this kind of service. This article will enumerate common roofing scams today.

1. Contractors who demand for a low bidding price and then when construction time comes they demand for excessive amounts of money in order for the project to be finished.

You’ve probably heard of this too good to be true bidding for roofing projects and when it’s an emergency, we often jump right in for the cheapest buy. This kind of scam is actually rampant among roofing projects, wherein contractor would take advantage of emergency cases and rip you off by trying to sell the project at a low rate and then making more monetary demands when “sudden” difficulties to finish the project arises.

2. Contractors who take down payments and run.

Do not be fooled by roofing contractors who come door to door in your neighbourhood to offer consulting services for your roofing project. They often come with great marketing officers who can talk you out into paying the down payments. There are actually scammers out there who are not really contractors but conduct these free consultation in order for them to merely take the money and run.

3. Improper or Inadequate Repairs

This particular is often difficult to catch since they usually do their work in camouflage, you will only discover the problem when the contractor is long gone and has gotten away with giving you inadequate roofing that will create problems in the future. If you recently got your roofing fixed and you’re surprised by the drips in your place every time it rains, then you’ve been scammed by inadequate roofing contractors, make sure you double check each work before they finish the project.

4. Calamity opportunists

These scammers often come to you after a calamity, like a storm, earthquake, tornado and etcetera. They often take advantage of the recent calamity and your desperation to get everything fixed, only to find out that the people who came to you were not actually roofing contractors but calamity opportunists who use your vulnerability into signing contracts for a roofing projects and in the end they won’t hold up to their side of the bargain.

There are a lot of roofing scammers out there. One way of avoiding this is by hiring professionals who are licensed and trusted, research on the contractor before availing their service and compare prices before hiring your contractor. Don’t let desperation cloud your judgements because roofing scammers will take advantage of it.