The Best Roofing Materials to Use in Florida

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Florida is known for its fair weather experienced though out most of the year. However Florida has in the past experienced the Hurricane season that runs from June to November. The most recent one was hurricane Hermine that hit Florida for the first time in 10 years on September third 2016. Florida also experiences mild winters contrary to other parts of the United States, making a favorite tourists destination. This allows the residents of the state of Florida to have a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from asphalt composition shingles and tile to metal roofing, wood shakes, and slate.

However the sun and heat the roof is exposed to can be quite intense, this makes it necessary to make an informed decision before settling on a roof of choice. Let’s look at the various types of roofing materials for Florida and the pros and cons that come with it.

1. Asphalt Composition shingles: These are the typical types of roofing materials that are affordable and can be found in local stores like Sun coat roofers supply. Although Florida doesn’t always get hit by Hurricanes, strong winds that are experienced during in the county can easily blow off the composition shingles. The hot weather can also scar the clean looking shingles making them fade in time.

2. Clay Tile: The clay tile is a very popular roofing material around the world. It complements home designs by giving them a stylish finish. It has a long life span and is very resistant to insects, fire and withering. It may require some cleaning but it has a very long life span for it to fade or loose color. However the Clay tile is expensive making it out of reach for most home owners. It is also heavy and requires extra roofing support in the form of wood paneling making it even more expensive. It is also brittle can easily break if stepped on.

3. Concrete Tile: Concrete tiles are a new entrant into the market and are the modern way of roofing. Concrete tiles became popular in the last few years widely replacing clay tiles due to their light weight and maintaining the same look and feel of Clay tiles. Concrete tiles can be molded to various shapes and sizes to complement various building finishing styles. However they are expensive and have the tendency to loose colour once they are exposed to elements for a period of time. Concrete tiles are also prone to breaking once stepped upon.

4. Metal Roofs: Technology has allowed buildings to be constructed entirely of steel. This has also brought in roofing materials made from steel. In the yester years roofs were made from copper, lead and zinc but steel has proved to be more durable making it the preferred option. Steel roofing can be shaped to various shapes and sizes and can be made to resemble asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and even wood shakes. Steeling roofing is durable and be galvanized with zinc to make them last even longer. Steel roofing is also maintenance free. Steel roofing reflects sunlight away from the homes in turn helping in cooling down houses during summer. However steel usually rusts away over the years and may need replacing further raising the maintenance coast.

5. Wood Shakes: Wood shakes are made from various types’ wood including pine, cypress, cedar and redwood trees. They are made from splitting logs and then reshaping them for commercial use. Wood shakes are naturally very attractive. As they age they develop an attractive grayish silver tone. Depending on the type of wood e.g. Cedar, the wood shake can last for a very long time sometimes even longer that fifteen years. This is unlike other forms of roofing that we have looked at above. They are also resistant to strong winds and various types of severe storms. Wood generally is an insulator allowing the home owner to save on costs that could have otherwise been incurred on cooling and heating the home. Companies that deal with wood shingles have a corporate social responsibility to plant trees whenever they cut down others for this purpose to ensure conservation of the environment.

Next time you go shopping for a roof in Florida’s local stores, make an informed decision that shall meet your expectations and make you a happy home owner.